Our Services


R850 – 2HRs

Service entails: 

 – Business brand guidance

 – Personal brand guidance

 – Guided creative brainstorms 

 – Work and career guidance

*To arrange a consultation on anything else related to the above, let us know*

Writing Support

Starting fee – R800 

*Further costs are determined by volume of work required*

Service covers: 

Marketing Material

 – Profiles and portfolios

 – Newsletters, blogs and articles 

Strategy development

Starting fee – R800

*Further costs are determined by volume of work required*

Service covers: 

– Business brand

– Personal brand 

– Storytelling/content 

  – Campaigns


*For learning institutions & programmes, business teams, individuals and other focus groups*

Focus areas: 

– Brand positioning

 – Storytelling and writing

– Developing your creative abilities 

– Communication & community engagement

*To arrange a workshop on anything else related to the above, let us know*

About Us


We are a Brand Communications consultancy that offers creative guidance and support to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses that need assistance with positioning their brands effectively and purposefully; whether it be a business brand or personal brand.   

Our business is a convenient solution for independent creators, entrepreneurs and businesses that may not have the capacity to employ a brand team or commit to contractual conditions set by agencies. Turn to us as and when you need professional strategic input, creative counselling and even personal support – we know that personal challenges can be triggered in the process of creating and we have made it part of our business to hold space for you in that too.  


Your Story Is Important


In isiZulu and isiXhosa, two closely related South African languages, BuhleBakho means “your beauty.” Our name reflects our intention and ongoing mission to assist innovators with showcasing and honouring the unique beauty and purpose of their creations. We believe the ideas and services of any creator are purposeful callings that should be seen, heard and understood respectfully.

Many individuals and small to medium-sized business are intentionally building legacies and presenting society with alternative solutions and conversations. We get it. With our experience, knowledge and heart we can hold your hand in maintaining a favourable creative space for the mark that you are making in and around your community.


Let’s Get To Work, And Play


BuhleBakho Communications can help you:

  • Formulate a productive brand strategy
  • Articulate and share your brand’s story effectively
  • Connect with your targeted community and stakeholders
  • Manage your creative journey and energy; and overall creative health
  • Implement brand activities that align with your work’s purpose
  • Identify brand opportunities that further support your marketing strategy
  • Experience a fulfilling and healthy relationship with your brand


Reach out to BuhleBakho Communications to give your story the nurture that it deserves.


BuhleBakho for Individuals

Our business caters to individuals who want to be positioned, seen and heard effectively. If you need support in amplifying your voice, purpose and story, CONTACT US. 

BuhleBakho for Businesses

We cater to new and seasoned small to medium-sized businesses.
If you need reliable support in amplifying your business’s voice and activities, CONTACT US.