Why you should create a brand vision board with a friend:

Holding ideas that you don’t have the resources or capacity to implement yet can be frustrating – it can give rise to anxiety and develop into imposter syndrome too, which can make you lose interest in creating. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the idea that one is letting go of, but all of the other dilapidating feelings connected to what they can’t make happen just yet.

There are healthy ways for you to preserve your ideas and journey with them until they can be implemented. One of the ways you can do this is by arranging a brand vision board session with your trusted friend/s. We recommend this for independent creators especially – don’t underestimate the value of connecting your vision to the energy of community and companionship. The collaboration does not have to be with someone that shares your creative interests or works in the same field as you; the most important thing is that each of you hold a supportive space to lay out your visions.

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BuhleBakho Diary: How a potential client inspired us

Written by Busisiwe Dhlamini,

Founder of BuhleBakho Communications 

I was recently following up with potential clients who had previously made enquiries to our business, BuhleBakho Communications. To be completely honest, it’s my least favourite thing to do, but I do believe it to be a good business practice in keeping connected to the community that has taken notice of us.

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The other side of “just start”

One’s reason for holding back from starting can go far beyond the lack of resources. In fact, at times, the idea that one has a lack of resources masks what the real block is. Emotional and mental issues and illnesses are often the source of one’s hesitation to start anything.

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