Holding ideas that you don’t have the resources or capacity to implement yet can be frustrating – it can give rise to anxiety and develop into imposter syndrome too, which can make you lose interest in creating. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the idea that one is letting go of, but all of the other dilapidating feelings connected to what they can’t make happen just yet.

There are healthy ways for you to preserve your ideas and journey with them until they can be implemented. One of the ways you can do this is by arranging a brand vision board session with your trusted friend/s. We recommend this for independent creators especially – don’t underestimate the value of connecting your vision to the energy of community and companionship. The collaboration does not have to be with someone that shares your creative interests or works in the same field as you; the most important thing is that each of you hold a supportive space to lay out your visions.

Things to consider for a collaborative vision board session:   

  • Creative health – Creating the vision board in collaboration with someone you trust is good for your creative health. Having someone receive your ideas and engage with you on them can raise the energy of the idea in you, and help you develop a voice for the idea.
  • Support– The collaboration with another exposes you and your vision to a sense of community and companionship; it’s good to let your subconsciousness absorb that support so that it can carry your vision with more motivation.
  • Balance out your session – In your collaborative session, each of you can give each other space to unravel your ideas on your own. You can then have a conversation with each other afterwards on what you came up with – sharing your honest thoughts and feedback.
  • It’s a timeless process -The vision board doesn’t have to be a once off project and it doesn’t only have to be done as a forecast for the year. You can do it periodically at any point in the year, and you can do it for specific projects or campaigns that you may be pondering on. Pick a trusted companion that is available and keen to collaborate with you at any given time.
  • Use your words – If you’re not up for the task of searching for visuals and making it a cut and paste activity, you can simply create the visuals with your words and make it more of a verbal vision board – letting your mind create its own visuals from your words. This can be a great way to stretch your creative mind and connect with your vision using your own narrative.
  • Relieve your mind – The brand vision board is not only good for planning and keeping yourself accountable; it also relieves your mind from the frustration of holding ideas as abstract concepts. The vision board can free your ideas from sitting as knots and blocks in your mind.
  • Whatever works for you – You don’t have to pressure yourself to create the vision board if you are not ready. If your mind is still in reflection mode, just let that be so that when you finally do put together your vision board, you outline what is most honest and practical for you.
  • Be comfortable – Make the process fun! Ideas flow better when you are in a playful mode. Set a mood that makes both of you feel safe and at ease – consider fragrances, music, lighting and an overall creative ambiance that will inspire you.

This process is great way to keep the momentum of your ideas flowing when you cannot put them out there yet. With that said however, take the necessary leap when its time; don’t get too comfortable with keeping them away from the rest of the world 🙂

    If you want to go deeper than a brand vision board, we can guide you in developing a brand strategy most suitable for your specialty. Get in touch with us to book a session that is most fitting for you.

    Your ideas are your wealth. Take care of them.

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