Written by Busisiwe Dhlamini,

Founder of BuhleBakho Communications 

I was recently following up with potential clients who had previously made enquiries to our business, BuhleBakho Communications. To be completely honest, it’s my least favourite thing to do, but I do believe it to be a good business practice in keeping connected to the community that has taken notice of us.

The process comes with unexpected moments. Some people open up to share what they are going through, and what was only meant to be a follow up becomes a meaningful interaction. In our line of business where part of the objective is to connect our clients to their targeted communities, getting that intimate view of people’s situations and head spaces is valuable.

A response that stood out for me this time around was from someone who, after giving an update, also said: “Thank you for motivating me.”

It was surprising at first because I had not said anything explicitly motivating to him at all in my following up with him. His response then settled into a deeper of part of me that could understand how significant it must have been for him to be reminded that his project mattered. It’s an open secret that entrepreneurship is sometimes a lonely avenue with nothing and nobody to give you a push, or even keep you accountable. I was grateful that my follow up was the friend that showed up for him in that lonely avenue. It’s also quite satisfying to have seen, through that interaction, that BuhleBakho Communications can simply be that random stranger that comforts another.

It’s not only about getting business and making monetary profit, its also about the social profit of making an inspiring mark in people’s lives. I’m glad to have been reminded of this because social profit has indeed mattered to us from the start. What a lovely opportunity to see just how effortlessly that can play out.

Monetary profit is great and necessary – of course we still want to, and must, make money. But social profit is just as valuable (maybe even more valuable) and that should never be lost. Businesses, big or small, can be one with the village.

Now I’m inspired to carry out my least favourite task with more intention and far more awareness about caring for the lives that I follow up with. In fact, it might not be my least favourite task anymore. The gentleman’s gratitude watered BuhleBakho Communications with a more inspiring approach.

I’m looking forward to more connecting and meaningful interactions.


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